Political cartoons in the modern age

I think it’s so interesting how political cartoons still maintain their stronghold within the news spectrum and public preference. It’s not that political cartoons are less intuitive or intelligent than other pieces of news, but it’s interesting to see such an antiquated idea remain so powerful. There have even been arrests that involve cartoonists—most recently, a Syrian cartoonist—and perhaps it’s because the way they portray the modern political situation is so controversial and honest. Political cartoons have the nice automatic effect of being humorous as well as informative.

It’s like Jon Stewart wrapped up in one nice, artistic package. I wonder if there’s a future for political cartoons, a future that brings changes and updates. Or, maybe, political cartoons will remain like newspapers in a sense, because they contribute a sense of classic journalism alongside modern ideas and humor. I think political cartoons are important to keep the news applicable to a larger audience. These cartoons are like ledes that require little mental rigor—I mean no offense to political cartoonists. Cartoonists are like photojournalists in the sense that they infuse the sense of art into journalism, and prove that telling a story takes more than reading Yahoo! News and subsequently writing a blog pst about it (I know, this is the ultimate irony as I write this in a blog post).

Here are some cartoons of the day that I’ve seen on my Tumblr dashboard.

A political cartoon on extreme conservatism.

A political cartoon on extreme conservatism.

A political cartoon on the disparity between rich and poor.

A political cartoon on the disparity between rich and poor.


They sure do put a smile on your face when you see them, even if what they portray, in reality, is very depressing. As it often is. But political cartoons tend to be the laughing, observant person in a room of quiet, grim people, and that’s definitely something to respect.


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