Food photography

Here’s another post from that NPR blog that I’ve started to follow. In this one, the blogger describes these innovative chefs who have transformed the idea of a date between meat-eaters and vegetarians/vegans. They went and created two dishes that look identical but both separately contain vegetarian- or omnivore-friendly ingredients. I loved that idea, but moreover, I loved the photography. But I’m always unnaturally attracted to food photography. I mean, it just makes the food look so…good. I interned at a photography studio in high school once and helped out with food shoots and ever since, I think food photography is so awesome despite how completely overdone and mundane it is. Yet, I think the food photography ring has advanced with new cameras and more importantly, new food to cover.

I mean, seriously, so cool. But again, I think I’m just crazy for loving this photography so much! And the food looks delicious. Maybe that can be a side project for me. Food photographer, anyone?


One thought on “Food photography

  1. I love food photography as well. I’ve been a part of several shoots… unfortunately the food items included buffalo wings and hot dogs.

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