Traversing trifecta

Here’s another video from a group of outdoors/journalist people. The videographers, as seen in their website Camp4 Collective, focus on a groundbreaking way to cover outdoors. Another website that takes on a more artistic approach to covering the outdoors, Rock Monkey Art, is equally inspiring. Cory Richard’s photos are beautiful as well, and I can feel the photojournalist inside of me yank at my heartstrings whenever I see his photos.

They do their work in such a distinctive and creative way that makes intimate the experience between the viewer and the ambitious outdoorsmen that are the subject of the video. I put up a video before, “On Assignment”, that one of the outdoors journalists created. I still have it bookmarked to watch it whenever I need a dual journalism and outdoors pick-me-up. My climber friend just sent me one of his favorite Camp4 videos, which is the one I put above. These videos are fascinating, and really can leave the most uninterested city slicker pining for a promenade through the woods. But what is most exciting is the ambition and drive that these journalists/outdoorsmen show for getting the word out and covering such intimidating things. People can be intimidated by free solo climbing or mountaineering or slacklining or anything that pushes the boundaries of what the human body can do and in what environments. But this group of people really makes the entire sphere of outdoors life appealing and applicable to everyone. There’s a hidden side to everyone that embraces the earth and the human body’s interaction with it, and this group is one of the best that is passionately and intensely pursuing spreading the wealth of knowledge and benefit of such a lifestyle.


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