Weekend reflection

Here comes the end to a nice weekend. I had a couple hiccups last week that really took an impact to my psyche, so I really wanted to take some time to myself and spend time with people I really like to be around. Not to mention, I was still harboring symptoms of a plague-like sickness that, thankfully, have been subdued now. So, lesson: Always take your vitamins, folks. You never know when you’ll be hacking in the middle of The Woman in Black (which, by the way, boasts a wonderful performance by Daniel Radcliffe). 

Moreover, though, I think I’ve braved my first little storm of emotional turmoil pretty well. Disconcerting to some, it’s actually really reassuring to know that I can get so emotional about the product that I’m putting out to the public. I only want to succeed in journalism, and although perfection is a difficult star to shoot for, I want to get as close to it as possible. I’ve got to become content with, or at least acknowledge, that mistakes can often be the best way to become better at your craft.

But even beyond that is the fact that I have some very supportive people behind me. This must sound like a re-hashing of my previous thoughts, but it’s true. I’m really lucky to have people who really want to help me succeed, in front of and behind the scenes, within journalism and outside of it. Something that’s very heartening is the fact that people around me are very passionate, and that passion is something I seek to embrace and reflect. There are moments when I feel dispirited, but when I see the smiles, hard work and zeal around me, I try to put everything into perspective and it honestly helps me out a lot. Everyone can get caught up in trivial moments, and it’s this tiny snow globe of our lives that can keep us from seeing the greater picture. There’s so much around us, so much beauty. There’s something inside everyone that motivates them, and if they haven’t found it yet, it’s that search that keeps them going. Being around people who actively search for their passion is something I’ve yearned for and seeing glimmers of humanity’s inner fire is something that, in turn, pushes me.

I just started a new blog today, and titled it based on some of my favorite lyrics (yes, I’m lame and bookmark song lyrics that I like):

Just tell me we are going somewhere 
Where the stars meet the sky


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