Story corrections

I have added a separate page, like my separate pages for my work here at the paper (and before), to maintain an openness about my reporting and to track my progress for constant accuracy. I have failed at times, and when this alters the perception of my pieces, as my newspaper believes, I must be open about this and have it changed immediately.

Corrections are never a fun thing to deal with. For my first one (and other), I felt as if a thousand-pound weight was dropped on my chest. I’m not one to wallow, but realizing that you failed in being accurate is one of the most intense reality checks that you could possibly experience in journalism. This is my chance to learn and in turn, making mistakes is forgivable. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not held and that I should hold myself accountable for my work. My devotion is to accuracy, and when I fall short of that promise, I need to be open to myself about that as well as to readers, colleagues and editors.

I can’t say that I won’t ever make a mistake, and I think it’s that premise that really threw me off when I realized how easy it is to slip up. I just need to master the ability to NOT slip up, and avoid any error with as much pre-meditative action as I can.

I’m learning, and growing, and this is a way for me to archive my progress to all-around accuracy, transparency and devotion to the craft.



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