Marathon 48 hours

So, I was going to originally title this as “Marathon 24 hours,” but alas, it’s turned into 48 hours of insanity. Not bad insanity, but insanity nonetheless. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished, and after getting some much needed sleep last night, I think I’m getting back into the swing of things. I was living in a daze for a while — I’m not sure why — but I think I’m back. Sometimes my mind just has a mind of its own (no pun intended, I just feel vacant of creative vocabulary today). Anyway! I am still planning on reviewing the movies I saw last weekend at True/False. Eh, I’m bad at the whole online time thing — I hope people are still interested! That is, the three people that probably read my blog. Such is life.

I was able to get some great content out this week. And hey, I even had a midterm that I (think I) passed. That was definitely a major stress factor. I mean, seriously, I was on the verge of a meltdown the night before my exam. (And this is why I choose to sleep. Can you imagine me without sleep? I don’t want to think about that.) But, regardless, Allie and I got our bond issue/tax levy pieces out! There’s a great package that was put together to consolidate our reporting and others’ on the school board election issue.

What’s a bond issue, you ask? Do you wonder how the tax levy would affect you? How about a debt service levy? Oh, well, my friend, we can answer all that for you. Just click these following links and be enlightened. If you live in Columbia, this really does pertain to you. Who knew how fun covering tax levies and bond issues could be?

1. Awesome package you should read

2. Bond issue

3. Tax levy

I also had GA this week, and I picked up a great story about a fantastic jazz guitarist who was hosting a musical residence here in Columbia (shout out to Liz for giving this to me for GA). I went to a couple events where this guitarist was the guest and I’ve gotta say, it’s really nice to talk to sources who really treat your interview as a conversation between two people, as opposed to a structured Q&A between robots (not that I don’t like robots…but you understand). I also got a little crime action published before I worked on this profile. It was a very fun GA shift, and my first with Jeanne Abbott, who has replaced Katherine Reed for the rest of the semester! Even though I had to push back my studying to later that night, I wouldn’t have traded Wednesday’s events at all. And if I ace my test, that’ll be the icing on the cake. Aaaand, more links.

1. Jazz guitarist Russell Malone teaches musical lessons to Columbia students, residents

2. Missouri Supreme Court upholds death sentence of Michael Tisius

It  was quite an eventful week, but it’s been a good one. I’ve also been figuring out my schedule for fall semester, and of course, it’s stressing me out. But I think I’ve got my life relatively figured out. And hey, Brussels in the spring? Hmmmmm. Chocolate, journalism and the European Union? I’m down.


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