The results

It’s after the election, and now that I’m back in my room, arching over in exhaustion, I’m happy to say today was very positive. It’s almost like a 180-degree turn from my mindset yesterday. It’s been a very, very reassuring day.

Our final election coverage is published!

After several hours and watch parties later, we’ve got some great stuff from the results.

Christine King, the incumbent, and Paul Cushing, the newly elected IT coordinator, grabbed the two open school board seats by garnering 42 and 21 percent, respectively. I’ve done other coverage on Paul Cushing over the campaign, and I don’t think I’d be lying when I say that the night unveiled very unexpected events. I had a great time spending a few hours with Cushing and his supporters as the results were being collected, and seeing the raw emotion on people’s faces as the last round of votes were counted and declared Cushing as the winner was priceless.

Elections are a very fun time, and I got to experience that tonight, even if it was for only a few hours, directly. We’ve been doing a lot of work up until this point, and I think tonight was a success for our reporting. We had great photographers, and our communication was great. We also turned around the piece really quickly (super kudos to Shaina).

I’m not sure what this means now, but I know that the path that has lead us to this point has been full of lessons and laughs. (I sound cheesy. I know. Bear with me.) I really think that the other reporters Allie and Nicole and I, as well as our awesome editor Shaina, really cranked out some great work for this. It’s pertinent to our community, and we tapped into the vein of local government and education and gave it to our readers in a successful way.

But hey, it’s up to the community in the end to respond to our work. I hope we’ve pleased our readership. But what I do know is the hard work that went into it all, and that’s worth something by itself.

(And by the way, happy early birthday to our fantastic, wonderful and superb editor Liz. You da best.)


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