I’m copying my colleague Celia Ampel’s idea and posting sites that I frequently read. These are websites that I go back to, no matter what, and where I’ll immediately read a post when I am notified of it.

1. New York Times. Duh.

2. Awesome adventure blog. “Not your everyday adventure blog.” For real, though.

3. Mediastorm. Mediastorm is what I would consider the orgasm of my future in journalism (and we all know by now that I really have no idea what my future will be in anyway, but let’s just say Mediastorm is holding my hand as I jump from wall to wall, new ideas pulsing through my heels). It’s got some fantastic multimedia pieces — some groundbreaking and tea-jerking, others just moving for their simplicity. Mediastorm is revolutionizing the future of multimedia and activist journalism.

4. Allie Hinga. Allie and I go way back — back to the dark yet shimmering days of intro to reporting. She and I were both doing k-12 education, and even though the class (and our editor) told all of us that we had to be best friends, we really were. Our first story was with the other education reporters about some higher education topic. We went to school board meetings, didn’t sleep much, started speaking in education jargon, were semi-petrified to be in Lee Hills. Ah, the life. Allie has some beautiful insights, and she used to not think (or at least say so) much of her writing. But she’s one of the best reporters with the most integrity — and I read everything she writes.

5. Celia Ampel. I also got to know Celia when I was in baby reporting, and we went through the similar tumult of experiencing journalism at Missouri (physically and psychologically). She’s really matured a lot, and I know that she’s blossomed (I hate using that word but it’s true for her) as a woman who can express herself, be critical, be supportive, be real and honest. And still be cool as a cucumber.

6. Hannah Cushman. This girl rocks, hard. If there were a cooler, more honest, more candid, more clever and more headstrong woman than me (That sounds vain, whoa, I really don’t think that of myself but I think she and I are incredibly similar)…it’s her.

7. Disco Naivete. My music blog of choice. I never wanted to tell anyone about this little gem, but where’s the fun in that? Whatever.

8. Lucky Peach. The best thing to happen to food writing in a very, very long time. If the mutant child of Julia Child made a cookbook of ramen, sass and anything that would make those French cooks say, “ah, mon dieu!”

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